Database module

PixelFlux modules: the database module

The database module manages your perfusion data and serves as an archive and as a scientific-statistic tool. The examination data and the perfusion results are transferred from the database module in the analysis module.

PixelFlux compares all exam's of a chosen organ in a patient file and puts examinations with the same part of organs into a group. So, you can compare examinations of different parts of organs effectively. The perfusion data are depicted in charts.

The integrated video viewer will show the examination video with the ROI and possibly ruler, parallelogram and presets as well as the perfusion relief. This gives an easy overview about your examination situation.

All perfusion data and charts may be exported. You choose, which items of your patient-database are exported; you may export all examinations of one or all patients - with a single click - e.g. into spreadsheets or SPSS.

You can print findings for your patients, both for single examinations and for comparison purposes of different examinations. Last, but not least you can copy, paste, rename etc. examinations. This way, you can collect perfusion examinations for scientific studies.

Versions Standard Professional Scientific
Main module x x x*
Analysis module x x x
Database module x x*