Main module

PixelFlux modules: the main module

The main module performs your perfusion examination.

Both video and DICOM files can be used for the purposes of perfusion quantification. DICOM files are advantageous insofar as they typically have a higher image quality and they store information concerning the patient and the ultrasound device in addition to the ultrasound images.

The fully automatic perfusion quantification of an arbitrary ROI starts after the calibration of the image (specification of the scale and the maximum velocity). Perfusion examinations are possible for both power Doppler and color duplex videos. Of course, you can also play the video etc.

PixelFlux Scientific offers a variety of additional tools that simplify the orientation and positioning of the ROI. For example, you can measure angles, lengths, parallelograms. Moreover, so-called presets will help to objectively define the ROI. PixelFlux Scientific also analyses your spectral curves.

Versions Standard Professional Scientific
Main module x x x*
Analysis module x x x
Database module x x*