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PixelFlux is a novel software for tissue and organ perfusion analysis via Doppler ultrasound videos. To the best of our knowledge, it is currently the only program able to analyze the perfusion of an arbitrary region of interest over a whole heart period. PixelFlux has been awarded the Science Award 2004 of the DEGUM (German Association of Ultrasound in Medicine). Numerous publications testify the success of the method in various fields of research - for example, PixelFlux is being used in nephrology as well as gynaecology.

PixelFlux offers three modules that allow for the perfusion examinations and administration of your examinations: the main module, the analysis module and the database module. Some videos give you some overview about their main functions.

PixelFlux is shipped in three different versions. The feature overview will help you to choose the version most appropriate for your daily needs.

We invite you to discover PixelFlux on your own and to download the fully functional trial version, of course for free.