PixelFlux versions


We offer PixelFlux in the following three versions:

PixelFlux Standard: This version is suitable for the medical daily use. PixelFlux Standard contains the functionality of the main and analysis module. It contains the fully automatic perfusion examination of any video file, with respect to an arbitrary ROI. The recorded perfusion results are printed or output in charts and tables.

PixelFlux Professional: The Professional version contains in addition the database module, which stores perfusion, patient and examination data.  All these data can be copied etc. The database allows to create investigation series. You choose an organ for comparison purposes. PixelFlux automatically generates a list of all examinations of the current patient file concerning this organ. PixelFlux groups these examinations according to other parameters of the examination. Last but not least you can print all your findings

Therefore, this version is designed for creation and maintenance of large-scale investigations. All perfusion data as well as the connected specific examination data are depicted in charts and numeric results.

PixelFlux Scientific: The most sophisticated version will ease extended scientific research. Above the perfusion quantification, the analysis functions and the database capabilities of PixelFlux Professional you receive lots of very useful features. The storing and structuring of your perfusion data and video files will be simplified a lot. Intelligent, i.e. self-actualizating, links allow direct access to your examination videos and the formerly chosen ROI.

Additionally you may organize user defined export filters. To this end you can export any kind of combination of your data (patient [name, first name, date of birth], examination data [date, organ, part of organ, transducer frequency and additional comments] and perfusion data [velocity, perfused area and intensity as well as calculated RI and PI]). By the way all charts are interactive, i.e. zoom- and scrollable. This enables you to handle even large amounts of data by visualization.

Advanced Professional Scientific
interactive help system
automatic perfusion quantification of any region of interest
context sensitive help system
automatic video recognition
Various checks ensuring valid perfusion measurements
depiction of perfusion results in charts
create single findings
automatic period computation
computation of further perfusion values (averages, RI, PI, whole intensity etc.)
export all perfusion results in suitable Windows software
copy the perfusion data into the database
create and edit patient files
compare examinations by creating series of all parameters
create series findings
interactive charts (zoom, scroll)
integrated video inspection with region of interest
export all database contents
use advanced options (especially automatic velocity recognition)
automatic ROI recognition and angle correction according to the shape of the ROI (single vessels)